Good Luck Aimee!

Here’s a great story we heard through the “Blantyre grapevine”.

Local lass, Aimee Evans (21) has landed herself a cracking new job working on the new Star Wars Production! Aimee studied 4 years of media makeup artistry, then after numerous interviews with Paradox/Disney Lucas Films, The BFI (British Film Institute) called to offer her the job , remarkably just before going to her graduation ceremony! The talented makeup artist will be working on the new Star Wars Production at their Shinfield Studios in Reading.

So now she has to scramble to relocate to new digs on Friday to start her new post on Monday 3rd October. We know all her family and friends are really proud of her, more than she knows.

One of the family told us, “She’s going to be missed so much but we can’t wait to see all the exciting challenges that are ahead for her and of course, her name lit up on title credits.

Once again, another young Blantyre woman making a success out there in the big world! Good luck Aimee.


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