Possible Bogus Workmen in Blantyre

South Lanarkshire Trading Standards have been made aware of workmen in the Blantyre area, going door-to-door, offering paving and landscaping services.

Scammers can look legitimate by advertising their services via glossy leaflets. They even go to the trouble of getting liveried vehicles and workwear with a company logo.

✅ Always be wary of cold callers at the door or on the phone.

✅ If you’ve identified a rogue trader at your doorstep and sent them packing, make sure you follow it up by reporting it to Police on 101 to ensure they don’t reach someone vulnerable in your community.

✅ If you need work done, use a trader from our Buy With Confidence list of trusted traders ➡https://www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk/…/buy_with_confidence

Stay safe!

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