School Strikes

South Lanarkshire Schools go back next week on Monday 9th January, but strike days are planned on 10th and 11th, meaning some pupils will be off again!

Teaching unions have notified their intention to hold industrial action on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th January 2023.

Based on the information currently available, NO SLC Primary Schools, Primary Nursery Classes and Primary ASN will be open to pupils on Tuesday 10th January.

NO Secondary Schools and Secondary ASN will be to open to pupils on 11th January.

SLC issued a statement today adding, “Please consider making alternative arrangements for those days if your children are affected.”

“Those parents whose children are eligible for means tested free school meals will receive a payment of £2.50 per child as a result of the strike action day.”


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  1. It is so sad that the result of the conflict is a direct negative impact on children’s education. The future is dependent on education.
    Union is protecting and fighting for their members. Children are their pawns.
    Authorities are protecting their budgets. Children are their pawns.
    I know this is an over simplification of the issues and I am far removed. However, children’s education is the loser and that is despicable IMO.
    Children’s education is an INVESTMENT, not a cost!
    The best teachers deserve well above average salaries to stay teaching these innocent kids.
    I implore both sides to get a resolution IMMEDIATELY!
    Where I live has many similar issues and it is all so disheartening.

    Love to the children.

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