Statement from Playsport Management

A statement has been provided to us from the Playsport Management in East Kilbride regarding the recent closure of Lollipop Land and Bouncestation. Reprinted here, unedited as follows:

“The Playsport facility in East Kilbride has terminated the lease agreement pertaining to Lollipop Land with immediate effect. This action has been taken following several compliance issues and serious breaches of Health and Safety.

Lollipop Land has carried out major alterations without the consent of the Landlord and without approved warrant applications from Building Control at South Lanarkshire Council or Fire safety Assessments. These spaces have been utilised for high numbers of occupants, mainly young children on an ongoing basis.

Lollipop Land then permitted another business, known as Bouncestation, to set up and utilise the rear of the unit without approved warrant applications from Building Control at South Lanarkshire Council, Fire safety Assessments or Landlord approvals.

The combination of both businesses operating together resulted in power used at the property regularly exceeding the maximum capacity causing significant overheating of the power circuits and creating an immediate fire risk.

In addition, inspections of the premises found that fire escape routes had been regularly blocked during operation.

As such Lollipop Land were served with a notice outlining the serious nature of these breaches. The notice provided Lollipop Land with the opportunity to remedy these breaches to the satisfaction of the Landlord within 24 hours. Despite this notice, no effective action was taken by either Lollipop Land or Bouncestation who both continued to trade as normal with high volumes of customers.

Consequently, Playsport has now terminated the Lollipop Land lease and instructed them to discontinue trading immediately. Neither Lollipop Land or Bouncestation will reopen at the Playsport site.

Playsport management commented “Playsport is an iconic site for the Lanarkshire community with established facilities for Golf, Football, Swimming and Fitness and is undergoing significant investment to bring additional value to the local population, including plans for a new home for Caledonia Gladiators, Scotland’s only professional Basketball Club. It goes without saying that the safety of our staff and customers is paramount especially with so many young children regularly taking part in our activities. We will not tolerate unsafe practices and all our remaining tenants understand the need to work closely with The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Building Control at South Lanarkshire Council to ensure compliance with the stringent requirements necessary to ensure a safe environment.  

With the exception of Lollipop Land and Bouncestation, Playsport remains fully open and ready to welcome our visitors. Our plans for further developments are well underway and will be announced soon. This is an excellent time for Sports and Leisure in the East Kilbride community.”


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