Blantyre’s Royal Visit

Blantyre received a royal visitor today, as the Princess Royal officially opened the renovated David Livingstone Birthplace museum.

Arriving today, Thursday 9th February just after 11am, the Princess Royal first took a tour of the museum which her own grandmother had first opened in 1929. The rain stayed off and clouds parted offering us and other press invitees close access to take some photos. After her tour, the Princess, chatted to some of the volunteers before taking time to plant a new Rowan Tree in the Museum gardens.

Children from High Blantyre Primary and David Livingstone Primary, as well as a good crowd of onlookers were there to watch the Princess then unveil a new plaque near the World Fountain, which officially opened the renovated museum.

The Princess then got a chance to meet volunteers and members of the community before being served tea. Further photos and videos are on our Supporters Group page. Thank you to David Livingstone Birthplace for their kindness today.

David Livingstone Birthplace reopens for the season, from this Saturday.


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  1. Thank you BLANTYRE TELEGRAPH! If not for you us expats may never know about this. NOT A WORD from online Hamilton Advertiser or Daily Record today.
    A pity one needs to be on Facebook to view the other photos though. I do not participate in “social media”.
    I visited the museum last summer with my wife and brother.
    It is kid friendly, EXCELLENT and would encourage everyone to visit. The park was being well used that day and an ice cream was welcome in the sunshine.

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