Clocks Going Forward

Get ready! The lighter nights are coming as the clocks change this weekend!

Daylight saving time 2023 in United Kingdom will begin at 01:00 on Sunday 26th March 2023. When the clocks go FORWARD by an hour, the UK’s timezone will change to British Summer Time (BST) – also known as Daylight Savings Time. Thankfully most smartphones, smartwatches and TVs are synched to the internet so many of us won’t need to physically put our clocks forward come Saturday night into Sunday morning.

It means from Sunday, it should still be light at 8.15pm each evening, a sure sign Spring is here and a welcome return to brighter, lighter nights. However, if you’re thinking it’s going to be warmer, think again! As we lose an hour in bed, some cold temperatures are expected this weekend, but hopefully the last before the arrival of a milder April.


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