Blantyre Life

A couple of months ago on the Blantyre Telegraph Supporters Group we mentioned South Lanarkshire Council’s Community Engagement Team had asked the community for their preferred name for the new Blantyre Care Hub.

The new building on the former St Josephs School site needed a new name and the options were put out to Lanarkshire people. The shortlist was

  1. **Blantyre Life **(Living Independently and Fully Every day)
  2. **Blantyre NC Hub **(Nurture and Care) or
  3. Blantyre Chisamilro Centre (Chichewa translation of care-language used by people of Malawi (where there is also a Blantyre))

SO, we can now reveal, the big winner was “BLANTYRE LIFE“. The new care hub in Blantyre will officially be known by that term. Thanks to everybody who voted their preferences.

With thanks to Blantyre Drone Works for this great aerial photo.


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