Free Summer Arts Course

The David Livingstone Birthplace museum has partnered with arts charity ‘Impact Arts’ to run the ‘CashBack Summer Programme’ from 4th July – 3rd August 2023. 

This is an opportunity for young people aged 14-19 to be based at the museum for five weeks during the summer holidays, where they can take part in high quality creative workshops and build confidence. This is a free programme, with travel expenses and snacks provided. At the moment, they have space to take on 15 young people. 

The programme is also targeted at young people who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Living in an area of deprivation (as defined by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.)
  • At risk of disengaging from school.
  • At risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour. 
  • Living with a disability or mental health condition.
  • Not in employment, education, or training (if over 16.) 

Adults who know a young person who might benefit from this programme can make a referral for them to join us at the Impact Arts website. This can be done by teachers, youth workers, parents, coaches, care assistants, etc. The workshops are not run as drop-in sessions, so all young people must be registered to take part. 


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