New Book by Blantyre Author

 Michael Maxwell is a newly published author living in Blantyre and he has a brand new book out!

His book is called Viana Doom and is the first book within the Chronicles of the Dragon Order series. It is a sword and sorcery adventure as follows:

“A great evil has returned to the Lands. An ancient prophecy beings to unfold and the people of the Great Kingdoms are best by the foul beasts of the Mist.A young woman finds herself alone, she is brought to the Castle of Tarantalla. Within the Castle walls she finds herself under the care of the High Mage, and she soon discovers a great power within.

Aided by the warriors of the Dragon Order, Mareth finds herself trapped in a game of deception and danger on all sides. Will she be able to control her new found magic or will it prove to be the undoing of all?”

Wishing Michael the very best with his book, which can be bought here:


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