Calderglen Avenue Vandalism

A small alert goes out just to raise awareness of some minor vandalism at Calderglen Avenue, Blantyre. Some residents in the street have been plagued by instances of youth disorder this week, on consecutive nights. Not just making a nuisance by playing pranks on residents, but it has now escalated into vandalism of residents property, […]

Mobility Bed for Lexy

Local lady Susan Dorricott is raising money to help with quality of life of a family member. She told us, “My beautiful mother, a retiree had a very happy active life, until one day in September 2017, when she suffered a massive stroke, which hugely reduced her quality of life.” “She has been left with […]

Water Problems

A watermain has burst at Stoneymeadow Road, High Blantyre affecting people throughout the area. Scottish Water have deployed a team to fix it, but it means many residents of Blantyre G72 postcodes and East Kilbride G74 postcodes will be experiencing lack or even no water at all this morning. They hope to get it fixed […]

Utility Roadworks – Cowan Wilson Avenue

Planned Electrical works are likely to cause some disruption during the School holidays in April at Glasgow Road and Cowan Wilson Avenue. Urgent electrical modernisation works will take place on the footpath of Glasgow Road turning into Cowan Wilson Avenue, starting on Monday 01 April 2019. Work will focus around the existing electrical pillar at […]

Smack Shocker at Victoria Street

A Blantyre man was both disgusted and concerned this evening to find a sealed packed of drugs in a local park. Earlier tonight, Thursday 21 March 2019, a packet of what appears to be “smack” was found in the grass area at Victoria Street, likely accidentally dropped by a drug user. The man promptly handed […]

M90 Shocking Vehicle Crash

Wrong Direction [WARNING – Contains Upsetting Footage] This is the shocking moment yesterday, Wednesday 20 March 2019, when a car travelling in the wrong direction caused a five-vehicle smash on the busy M90 Perthshire motorway. This serious crash saw one person rushed to hospital when a silver saloon car collided with four other vehicles, including […]