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Fake Friends Requests

An alert goes out to Facebook users to be mindful of friends requests. Users on 3rd January 2019 have been plagued with receiving fake friends requests from people ALREADY on their friends lists. Be careful and review carefully any incoming friends requests. It’s clear some unscrupulous people are out to scam or create fake profiles.

Garden Intruder Rowan Place

An alert received tonight! An uninvited male has been spotted in a garden at Rowan Place, Low Blantyre. Around 11.40pm on Monday evening, a man was spotted “trying doors” and attempting to get to the back of the houses, taking an interest in nearby detached houses. A woman resident disturbed him and he ran off. […]

Crime: Bogus Workman Alert

An alert goes out following suspicious activity from a male ‘workman’ calling at people’s houses. A male has been going about this week, door to door claiming to be a “government official”, telling people that they could get a free boiler. He’s suited and booted, with “ID” too, but after suspicious activity was observed by […]