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Blantyre Project Book Launched

Some exciting news tonight! Blantyre Project has launched its 11th history book about Blantyre! “The Story of the National Memorial to David Livingstone” is the first of several small affordable books to be launched in the remainder of 2021. This publication charts the remarkable, detailed story of how Blantyre slum Shuttle Row was saved and […]

“Blantyre People” – New Book Launch Coming

A remarkable new book is about to be launched in the coming weeks. “Blantyre People: Honouring Our Past” is an epic illustrated book exploring the lives of THOUSANDS of Blantyre people through the ages. Published by sister website, “Blantyre Project” it’s taken NINE YEARS to write and contains the stories of thousands of Blantyre people!! The Ultimate Blantyre “Hall of Fame” […]