Blantyre Project Book Launched

Some exciting news tonight! Blantyre Project has launched its 11th history book about Blantyre!

“The Story of the National Memorial to David Livingstone” is the first of several small affordable books to be launched in the remainder of 2021. This publication charts the remarkable, detailed story of how Blantyre slum Shuttle Row was saved and transformed into a beautiful museum during the 1920’s in memory of explorer, David Livingstone.

I had hoped to finish this book by 28th July in time for the museum re-opening, but work and holidays had a different plan!

Now complete, I’ve pressed the publish button and it’s now available to buy from Amazon online, priced at only £6.50.

Using contemporary accounts, the book is also packed with interesting stories, snippets, social history and also explores the evolution of the centre through the subsequent decades, when it became David Livingstone Centre, was managed by the National Trust for Scotland and explores events right up to the present day and the launch of the rebranded David Livingstone Birthplace in July 2021.

At 109 pages, and 50 photographs and illustrations, it’s (hopefully) affordably priced and available globally with FREE delivery from your home country! The front dedication recognises the volunteers who helped form the initial Committee which became David Livingstone Trust, the hard work of the previous wardens and the modern day volunteers and staff of the Trust and their efforts in recent years to make this listed building worthy for many more generations.

This is a MUST read for any Blantyre person and as always, all proceeds go entirely to local Blantyre good causes. I retain nothing.

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Links to buy any of the 11 Blantyre books can be found in the Blantyre Project shop here:


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