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Anybody seen this bunny?

This isn’t an April fool, but we’re trying to track down a child’s lost toy. Looking for this bunny. It was actually sitting propped up on a fence across from the shop in Coatshill, Blantyre around 4 o’clock today but it’s gone now. A local wee boy is upset tonight. Anybody seen it or know […]

Lost a Bunny?

A childs bunny has been found on Glasgow Road, just across from the Parkville today. Some child must surely be missing this tonight. A kind lady who found it today, Monday 7th September 2020 took it home and washed it. She would love to find the owner. If it’s your child’s please get in contact […]

Lost your Bunny?

This wee guy was found on Sanquhar Gardens, Priory Bridge yesterday afternoon on Thursday 18th June 2020. He’s not been claimed but clearly is going to be missed by somebody. If you’ve lost this bunny, or know somebody who has, please do comment below and the finder will be in touch. Please share.