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Lost Your Dog?

Has anybody lost this dog? It was spotted this morning around 10am at Carrick Gardens. Wandering on its own, it’s a male dog and has a collar, but no tag. The lady who found it said the dog is very friendly but timid. It was quite wet looking being out in the rain. It appeared […]

Recognise this dog?

A few messages in this afternoon about a ‘stray dog’ at the Village area around Farm Road. It seems friendly but timid. Somebody tried to approach him, but the dog ran off. Just in case you’re looking for your lost pet. This was around 3.30pm today.

Lost Your Dog?

Anybody know whose dog this is? The dog was spotted in Blantyre yesterday Friday 24 April 2020. Wearing a distinctive collar suggesting a pet, and looking thin, a decision was made by kind local people to take the dog to Hamilton Police Station. Its unknown if microchipped. Now looking for the owners. Please share.

Dog Hit by Car

A concerned reader has observed a wee black dog unfortunately being hit by a car this afternoon on Glasgow Road, Blantyre just after MIdday.  She told us, “The driver didn’t stop. I tried to find the dog but it headed off up Priory Street.” Posting just incase anyone is concerned as to why their dog […]

Lost Your Dog?

This brown and white spaniel is wandering around High Blantyre. The dog was on the Main Street earlier this evening as one lady tried to attract its attention, but it wondered off. Looks like it may be an older dog and has a red collar.

Lost your Dog?

Anybody lost their pet in Blantyre? This dog was seen wandering around the Coatshill area, looking scared of traffic. That was yesterday, Wednesday 12th September 2019. (Apologies we missed the message). Posting just in case the dog is still lost so owners know of the sighting.