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Bringing ‘Elvis’ to Blantyre

Events company, PH Promotions has a BIG announcement that promises to get local people, “All Shook Up!” They’ll exclusively be bringing Europe’s number 1 Elvis Entertainer, Simon Patrick to Blantyre! It’s going to be a big show, coming later this year.All way from Benidorm Rock n roll house to Blantyre , further details have still […]

Elvis Guitar Mishap

Johnny is a talented, local Elvis Impersonator and last night gave a wonderful performance at Carrigans, much to the delight of everybody attending. However, towards the end of a night an audience member (after a few refreshments), broke his prized guitar. His friend Nicola Miller has set up a funding page telling us, “Performing is […]

Have you seen Elvis?

A Blantyre cat is missing! ‘Elvis’ hasn’t been seen since 8:30am, Tuesday 28th May. His owner told us, ” It’s not like him, not to come home for food and a sleep. In the Blantyre area. Please check all out buildings for him. He’s wearing a red velvet collar and he’s chipped.” Please share.