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Report Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is illegal, unacceptable and costs time and money when council resources could be better spent elsewhere. Unfortunately fly-tipping happens all over South Lanarkshire, not just a problem in Blantyre. So please help us keep our communities clear from this unsightly and illegal action which has a large impact on our environment. Head of […]

More Fly Tipping

Yet more fly tipping in High Blantyre. This time in the Industrial Estate, just casually discarded at the side of the road, literally round the corner from the tip. Illegal dumping of rubbish is never going to stop anytime soon in country lanes around Blantyre, but we’re looking forward to it NOT being tipped directly […]

Fly Tipping Near Blantyreferme

How’s about this for a spectacular example of vile disrespect. This was the scene this week on Manse Brae between Hallside and Westburn Road, leading to Blantyre Ferme Road. Just dumped, right off the back of a tipper into the middle of the road, effectively closing the road! Such moronic lowlifes. Disregard for the environment, […]

Fly Tipping at Calderside

What a mess! This was the scene today at Calderside Road at High Blantyre. On the road, just off Sydes Brae, some lowlife has just blatantly tipped a load of wood and slabs, which is not just an eyesore but also caused traffic to be obstructed. This shameless disregard for the environment once again says […]

More Fly Tipping

How disappointing to see yet another scumbag fly tipping in Blantyre. Despite the tips actually being reopen, some lowlife has decided the approach road to Birnams Salvage yard and Blantyreferme can be used as a dumping ground. Looks like a bathroom renovation.

More Fly Tipping

C’mon folks! There’s only 9 days or so until the tips re-open again. Somebody has dumped this mess at the side of Springwells Hall. No regard for others, no morals, no regard for the environment. Let’s keep the place as clean as we can and not start tipping in the middle of the town.