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More Fly Tipping

C’mon folks! There’s only 9 days or so until the tips re-open again. Somebody has dumped this mess at the side of Springwells Hall. No regard for others, no morals, no regard for the environment. Let’s keep the place as clean as we can and not start tipping in the middle of the town.

Fly Tipping Escalates

We’ve been highlighting the growing extent of fly tipping around Blantyre this week. This latest mess is at Calderside Road, High Blantyre and photographed earlier today by an anonymous reader. National media has been highlighting the escalating problem in recent days with BBC Scotland this evening creating further awareness asking people to refrain from dumping […]

Fly Tipping at High Blantyre

What a mess! This was the scene this week at Calderside Road in High Blantyre. Up, just beyond the Crematorium, fly tipping is rife, a growing problem during the Covid19 Crisis. Local public tips are still closed and some people are resorting to drastic measures like this, which looks like mostly domestic rubbish including many […]

Fly Tipping again!

It’s a weekly occurrence now, but there’s more fly tipping on the outskirts of Blantyre. This time rubbish has been tipped just off Blantyre Ferme Road near the bend, with broken glass scattered into the road. Be careful if passing in vehicles. The illegal dumping of this rubbish has been reported.

Tipping at Hallside

What a mess! This is Hallside Road, near Halfway after rubbish was tipped there earlier today, Friday 17 January 2020. A local lady observed a white van tipping the mess at the side of the road, but was driving herself and unable to get the registration. It was a works van. Perhaps you recognise the […]

Fly Tipping at Redlees

A new year, but some things don’t change. Like Fly Tipping. This is the scene at Redlees Carpark, just off Blantyreferme Road which looks a mess having had a load of rubbish illegally tipped there during the last week. Not just making this beautiful place look unsightly, but ultimately costing us, the taxpayer more in […]

Fly Tipping at Greenhall

Disappointing to see the latest blatant fly tipping at Greenhall, High Blantyre. This mess has been left beside the carpark over the weekend. Timber, plywood and drywall. Not any attempt to hide it or tip at a remote roadside. Just causally and mindlessly dumped in a public park, one of Blantyre’s most scenic areas. Idiots.