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Lost Your Black Kitten?

Is anybody missing this kitten? It was found on Stonefield Crescent, looking lost and meowing , following 2 women. Concerned for its safety after seeing it narrowly miss a car and knowing how cold it is tonight, they brought it in out the cold. It has no collar and is looks too young to be […]

Seen this kitten?

Lost pets. This black and white house Siberian kitten got out of his Blantyre home and hasn’t returned overnight. He lives in the Coatshill area of Blantyre. His concerned owners told us, “I’m extremely worried about him and wondered if you could post a picture of him on a facebook post for anyone in the […]

Lost your Kitten?

Missing a kitten? As of 6.05pm this evening, Monday 04 March 2019, there’s a little ginger, stripey kitten running about at Wallace Place. Sharon Forbes who lives nearby has managed to capture it, despite it being very fast. So the kitten is safe meantime. She told us, “It looks really well looked after but you […]