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Venus and the Moon

Weather permitting, you should be able to see Venus and the Moon close together as two of the brightest objects in the sky tonight. For the best chance of observing this event you should head to an area with limited light pollution and look up to the sky in a southwesterly direction. The phenomenon also […]

Harvest Moon Winner!

We have a winner to last night’s fab competition to photograph the full moon! With 42 entries received, we got the kind postman this morning to randomly pick a winner. Whilst there were loads of great photos, some professional photos too, it was Marion Thomson’s creative photo he liked best. Marion, please message us and […]

Blantyre Officers Scoop Award

Well done to Community Police Officers David Moon and Chris O Neil in scooping a ‘local problem solving’ award at the Police Divisional Excellence Awards. The two PCs are well known in Blantyre and often work with schools and young people. It’s great to see their hard work, dedication and commitment being recognised. The awards […]

Today is the Shortest Day

Today, Friday 21st December 2018, is the shortest day of the year. It’s Winter Solstice, meaning from tonight, the nights start getting lighter, earlier again! (and of course mornings get lighter earlier too) A full Moon and a meteor shower will accompany this year’s winter solstice. The Moon, known as the Cold Moon, will be […]