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Lost Your Dog?

There’s a wee white dog walking around Blantyre Ferme Road, Blantyre this afternoon, Tuesday 18th May 2021. Pictured here around 5.15pm, it doesn’t appear to have a collar on and is still roaming loose. Just in case the dog is yours or somebody you know. Please share away.

Rescuing Rambo

Kelly Marie Sneddon (local dog walker and owner of Mutz of Mayhem) has rescued a dog from a neglected state and is doing all she can to save the poor soul. Let me introduce you to this gorgeous boy, his name is Rambo. He had the worst possible start to his life abroad with extremely […]

Lost Your Dog?

Our first article of 2021 is a lost Blantyre dog. The dog, who seems to be a pup, was found today, Friday 1st January 2021 at Coatshill, Blantyre. He doesn’t have a tag. The lady who found him has taken him to Hamilton Police Station, as there are kennels there. Somebody must be looking for […]

Buying a Puppy Safely

With Dogs often an addition to families around Christmas time, the SSPCA has repeated their calls for the public to buy puppies safely after receiving several reports of seriously ill pups sold by suspected illegal dealers. 2 in 5 illegally bred puppies bought online die before their fifth birthday and more than 1 in 6 get sick […]

Pets Premature Death

We were saddened to hear from a Blantyre Telegraph reader who sadly had to put down her three year old dog last Friday after her pet took seriously ill. Symptoms appeared to be poisoning of some sort. The lady told us, “I have heard reports of another 3 or 4 dogs becoming suddenly ill and […]