Attention Dog Owners

Dog owners and walkers are advised to be vigilant after dangerous substances were found in local parks in Blantyre.

These pellets were found recently in Greenhall Park, High Blantyre which were later confirmed as rat poison. There may well have been good intentions on getting rid of an occasional rat, but such pellets are extremely dangerous to other animals, including dogs. Let alone thinking what would happen if a child thought it was a sweetie!

In Kirkton Park, also in High Blantyre people have taken to recently feeding foxes, leaving chicken and other foods tied up or strewn across the park. This can also be dangerous to dogs, who may choke on bones or in one case recently, who ate fruit currants and ended up at the vet. If people must feed foxes or birds, maybe best for the sake of others and their animals, to do so in your own garden.


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