Day 6 of 21: Keeping an Open Mind

Here’s a little request for ‘compassionate caution’ to anybody who witnesses others in supermarkets who are coughing. All is not always what it seems. We’ve received messages to remind our community to be mindful that others have hidden disabilities, to keep an open mind and kindness in their hearts. One lady told us, “I’ve just […]

Bus Service Vital Link to Hairmyres

Hairmyers Transport Update. Public Bus Services are being reduced tomorrow, Monday 30th March 2020. However, in response to the cuts, a new service will be provided for Nurses and Staff. Monday to Sunday 7 Days a week 05.50 Wishaw across from Farmfoods heading towards Motherwell NEW PICKUP POINT AND TIME 06.05 Motherwell Train Station 06.15 […]

Dat 5 of 21: Clocks Go Forward Tonight

The clocks change tonight and lighter nights are coming! With more time spent at home, you might have noticed the evenings gradually becoming lighter as springtime arrives, which also means it’s time to change the clocks by an hour, signalling the start of British Summer Time. Although it happens every year, some people still forget […]

Please for PPE Equipment

An important plea received tonight: “I’m not looking for a thank you or a your doing a great job. I have been nursing for 14yrs, and I’m about to enter probably the most difficult time in my nursing career. Myself and colleagues at Kilbryde Hospice are about to provide end of life care for Covid-19 […]

The Cornerstone Crow

Could this week get any more bizarre! To the new landlords of the Cornerstone Pub, High Blantyre or the associated brewers……there’s a large crow trapped inside your closed pub. (Not sure if coming out will be classed as essential travel)

Milheugh Bridge Damaged

It’s been hard to find other news this week that’s NOT related in some way to Coronavirus, but there are some stories out there still worth reporting. Whilst being of less importance just now as all our lives change, we still intend to report on the “everyday” matters too. Milheugh Bridge at the foot of […]