Peacock Cross Collision

A car crashed at Peacock Cross, Hamilton earlier today causing some traffic disruption. The vehicle, driven by an elderly male, crashed into traffic lights on Burnbank Road. A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “We were called to the collision at around 9.45am outside the Academical Vaults. The traffic lights were disrupted following the incident and […]

Blantyre Toy Drive Reminder

A last reminder that there’s just 11 days left for our annual “Blantyre Toy Drive”! This successful campaign has ran annually for the last few years, collecting toys and is designed to put a smile on Blantyre children’s faces this festive period. As before, it aims specifically to benefit many dozens of Blantyre children. We’re […]

Burned Out Car

A burned out car lies abandoned in the carpark at Redlees Park, just off Blantyre Ferme Road. We’re unsure if this was the car others reported on fire a few evenings ago? However, for the information of those who use the park, it’s now been phoned in for removal.

You Left Your Rubbish!

C’mon folks we can do better than this! Looks like somebody had a fireworks display in McAnulty (Stonefield) Public Park on Saturday night and left a right mess, prompting several complaints. Left to others to clean up, there was more rubbish than this picture shows. We’ll never understand people who mindlessly litter Blantyre’s parks.

Remembrance Wreath from Readers

With so many of our readers in different places throughout the world and outwith Blantyre, each year we get messages saying what can be done to include them in Blantyre’s remembrance events. So, this year, Blantyre Telegraph readers have raised money to buy a hand crafted remembrance wreath (pictured). This beautiful wreath was made with […]

Susie’s Maritime Success

Blantyre woman, Susie Thomson will be laying a wreath at the cenotaph in London today, Sunday 10th November 2019. Susie is part of team which works to reduce the risk of dangers on BP’s tankers, including explosions, piracy, groundings and cyber security attacks but her career started in another way. Her successful story is one worth […]

Remembrance Day Video

It’s Remembrance day and we look this morning to Blantyre’s History Archives, sharing a haunting, beautiful video created by sister website, “Blantyre Project.” Please do SHARE this far and wide! This sentimental 4 minute 30 second video features photos of Blantyre people, set to an appropriate soundtrack. Not just the brave men who fought and […]

The Good Chef – New Premises

Popular local restaurant “The Good Chef” has moved premises! The team would like their customers to know that the restaurant is now open at their relocated address, 1-2 Auchingramont Road, Hamilton. As you can see, the premises are beautifully decorated, warm and welcoming. Manager Lynn Johnstone added, “Why not come along for a meal and […]