Exclusive: Hair Styles fit for a Queen

dmhairDM Hair and Beauty of 64, Coatshill Avenue, Blantyre have kindly offered a further prize pampering session for the 4 lucky young girls taking part in the Blantyre Gala Day. They’re inviting the girls along to get their hair styled, before the Gala day, on the morning of Saturday 27th June 2015.

Invites go out to:
Queen: Leah Hunter
Lady: Freya Mallin
Princess: Kaci Blakely
Duchess: Lucy Smith

to attend (if they want to) the DM Hair and Beauty Salon at 8.30am on Saturday 27th June for their complimentary , free hairstyles. It may also give the girls a chance to meet, have a laugh an bond before the gala. Perhaps a kind, local barber would like to offer the boys a similar offer?

DM Hair and Beauty can be found on Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/dmhair.andbeauty.1?fref=ts where any questions should be directed to. Thanks.

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