Gavin Watson Printers supporting good causes

gavin-watson5234-385x248We’re SUPER excited tonight to announce that Gavin Watson Printers, of Glasgow Road are going to be printing the monthly editions of The Blantyre Telegraph and have tonight kindly agreed to waive the costs!

This means a larger amount can be donated each month to local charities. All we need now is to establish a readership in Blantyre. This is YOUR paper folks. The 1st edition has been out for the last week. Please support us by spending just £1 each month, with ALL 100% proceeds going to Blantyre good causes. Entirely non profit making. This month will see the Haven benefit.

This paper CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. For those of you who can’t make it to the shops, all you need to do is click “Shop Now” at the top of our Facebook page, or download it directly from here. Thanks.


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