Exclusive: Northern Lights to appear tonight!

northern lightsOn 18th June 2015, a huge solar storm was emitted from the surface of the sun and the solar winds are going to hit planet Earth tonight! Now, whilst that sounds scary, of course it isn’t, but it does mean Scotland and parts of England are in for the most spectacular display of the Northern Lights! For a change , the forecast is looking very favourable to see the phenomenon.

The exciting thing, is the display is forecast to be seen at record breaking levels for this century. You do not need ANY special equipment, however if you have good cameras we would love to see your pictures of it. Just look to the North (for Blantyre that means looking towards the Priory Bridge or the Campsies Hills direction), it will be easier to see if you are away from light pollution for example in rural areas at Flemington, Auchentibber or Stoneymeadow. In Blantyre urban areas, it may be harder to see, but is strongly  predicted, for it to be possible. Enjoy the beautiful Northern Lights, and good luck. Photos!!!

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