Blantyre Jobs boost at Daysoft

contact-lensNine members of staff at the Daysoft contact lens company in Jersey have lost their jobs after bosses decided to close the warehouse and move operations to Blantyre, Scotland. The order delivery centre, which has been operating in Jersey since 2008, will close at end of August, the firm said.

Operations will be moved to Blantyre in Scotland where the lenses are made. The firm called the closure “regrettable” and said it was doing everything it could to help Jersey staff.

Spokesman Ron Hamilton said: “As Blantyre has an order fulfilment department immediately adjacent to the final production process it was decided to consolidate this work. Blantyre will now handle both the order process work previously done in Jersey with the fulfilment work already established in Scotland. Faster delivery times and first-rate tracking services are increasingly in demand; the Blantyre operation is geographically better placed to offer these.



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