Exclusive: Local Jogger Harassed in Park

On Sunday 2nd August 2015 at about 7.25pm a series of incidents unfolded at Strathclyde Park, which we bring to your attention here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 19.39.48A Blantyre lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, messaged us commenting, “I was running round strathclyde park and ran past 2 kids on bikes aged about 11-15. One shouted at me “whens your next break?” then as I got further they shouted something else and were giggling. I could hear them cycling in my direction so I glanced over my shoulder and moved over only to have one of them slap my bum! And they all went wizzing away laughing.

I’m not a fast runner and no way that far into a run I could have chased them. I was so surprised I was too late in trying to kick his wheel away. The boy who slapped me was wearing all black with a black cap and black rucksack with big white adidas logo on it. His friend wore all black and another dark bottoms and greenyblue top. I watched them cycle past 2 sets of guys and a single guy and nothing. Then a lone girl walking and in the distance was subjected to the same treatment. When I caught up to her the same had happened to her, she had been slapped on the bum! I went into the boathouse as it was just coming up to that bit where it happened and made the staff aware. Basically just to make people be aware of these little idiots. I’ve never had this running here before but i usually run earlier on a sunday and other times im here with my dogs.”

Have your say? Has this ever happened to you? Is this intimidation, whatever age children are? Should our reader have contacted the police? Our reader is interested in hearing what the community has to say.


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