Exclusive: William Dickson’s “Ink and Blood”

William Dickson and his debut novel "Ink and Blood"

William Dickson and his debut novel “Ink and Blood”

Blantyre born author William Dickson (36) has dreamed of becoming a writer since he was in Primary school and now he is hoping to make his dream come true.

After completing his debut novel, “Ink and Blood”, the first book in the Morton and Muir Trilogy, he spent several months applying to literary agents. When none of them took him on he decided to self-publish. The book, which he describes as a thriller with elements of romance and the supernatural, follows two characters, Martin Muir from Scotland and Abigail Morton from Tennessee. They have been penfriends for years and their first meeting is overshadowed by a psychopathic figure to whom they are connected but whose existence they are unaware of.

“I received some encouraging comments from the agencies I contacted, but none of them were willing to take me on. While I was writing the book, my wife came across an article about self-publishing through Amazon, so rather than leave the story sitting on my hard drive I decided to give that a try.

“I’m currently employed with HMRC, but of course the dream is to become a full time writer. Until that happens it’s great just to be able to get the stories out there and to have people read and hopefully enjoy them.”

William is currently working on the second book in the trilogy, entitled “Hearts and Minds”, which will be out later this year.

“Ink and Blood” is available as a Kindle e-book and in paperback from Amazon.co.uk. You can visit the “Ink and Blood” page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mortonandmuir and you can follow William on Twitter @ WriteOn4Ever.

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