Exclusive: Perseid’s Meteor Shower set to Dazzle

perseid-mapSkywatchers are in for a dazzling display as the annual Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak on Wednesday. However, the meteors should be able to be seen a little on 11th, lots more on 12th and then peak on Wednesday 13th. For the first time since 2007, the shower will coincide with a new moon – making viewing conditions particularly favourable, weather permitting.

At the peak, as many as 100 meteors may be seen every hour.

People in Blantyre need to look North East (thats towards the sky over Bothwell and Uddingston). For most people, meteor showers will be best viewed with the naked eye. Meteor observers advise finding a dark location away from artificial light and an unobstructed view of the sky. Reclining chairs or blankets are best for looking up at the sky in comfort.

Although the number of visible meteors is hard to predict accurately, at least one every few minutes is expected.


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