Exclusive: Closure of Museum at Blantyre

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 15.15.51Shuttle Row, the main building of the David Livingstone museum, will close at the end of September for a long awaited redevelopment. Over the next two years essential repairs will be made to the structure and fabric of the building, ensuring its continued survival. New displays and exhibitions will aim to bring the story of David Livingstone to life, recreating the community of Shuttle Row and tackling some of the more controversial issues surrounding his life. When it reopens it will be bigger and better than ever before – the world class attraction that Blantyre’s most famous son and Scotland’s most famous explorer deserves.

While the main building will be shut, a temporary exhibition will be available in the visitor centre, and the shop, tearoom and grounds will remain open. The centre will also continue to hold regular events, including the upcoming Mad Science Hallowe’en and Elf Training School. For anyone wishing to take one last trip round the museum, there will be farewell tours taking place in the October half-term holiday week. The David Livingstone Centre website and Facebook page will be updated with further information shortly.


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