Donation to Anti- Stroke Charity

strokeWe were saddened to hear of a family in Blantyre (who wish to remain anonymous) who recently lost a male member of their family at only 47 years of age, in July this year. The tragic event happened on holiday. Hearing that he left a wife and children, Blantyre Telegraph wished to make a donation to an anti-stoke charity. We sensitively contacted the family and received the most moving message, which is withheld for privacy. This was a much loved man, a husband, a father who had an impressive caring, history of fostering children. It is clear he will be deeply missed. Our sincere belated sympathies to the family.

Today, Blantyre Telegraph has issued a cheque for £50 for the family to donate to an anti-stroke charity of their choice. We ask strictly that readers respect the privacy and wishes of the family not to be named here, (even if you know them).

This donation has been made possible by the kind people who have bought one of our monthly newspapers sold throughout Blantyre. Thank you to you all.

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