Blantyre Community Committee awaits outcome

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.35.39Blantyre Community Committee is poised and ready for the outcome of their recent application to Historic Scotland for undertaking various heritage projects all over Blantyre. A grant application was sent in September for three projects which included the protection of the Calder riverbank at Milheugh, the renovation of Stoneymeadow Wall and a replacement replica fountain at Kirkton in Main Street.

The Committee’s application has now been received and is currently amongst several other projects being considered for funding. The outcome is expected near the start of December. If successful, the projects are expected to commence in Summer 2016 through to Summer 2018. The three projects were chosen from the Committee’s market research conducted in Blantyre as to what historical or preservation projects people would most welcome.

Fresh from hosting the largest Summer and Winter public events in Blantyre, the Community Committee is fully constituted since Spring 2012 with elected members on the committee panel. Their AGM is in April each year and they have full backing and valued support from local MP and councillors to improve all aspects of community life in Blantyre.

Representing 18,000 people in Blantyre, they also work closely alongside South Lanarkshire Council, since their formation in April 2012. Chairperson, Paul Veverka says, “I’m exceptionally proud of the all the committee members who have worked especially hard in 2015, giving up their time as volunteers to the benefit of everybody in Blantyre. They work so hard and never seen any recognition. We’re entirely committed to the progression of local heritage preservation, bringing people of all ages in the community together for free, promoting our town in every way. In recent weeks we’ve been approached by various individuals wanting to be involved in Blantyre’s official Community Committee and asking for more information. As a volunteer, non profit organisation, we always need more awareness and further volunteers to assist. Everybody is welcome, we meet monthly, with meetings advertised on our facebook page, a week before at “


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