BCC Announce Summer Gala

Blantyre Community Committee have today announced definite confirmation that a Summer Gala will take place this year at the David Livingstone Centre Grounds, just off Station Road.

There were concerns that the closure of the museum during renovation would affect the decision, but the Committee have negotiated a way forward and working jointly with the National Trust intend for the community fun day to proceed.

A Committee spokesperson told us today, “Whilst still a long time off, a lot of organisation is required, especially into aspects for improvement this year like parking and access. We’ll be doing everything we can to build upon last years successful event and meeting soon to progress our plans for all 2016 events. Meantime, we’re thankful that the new staff managing the Centre renovations and transition wish to continue working with us, maintaining the excellent relationships we’ve worked hard to establish with the National Trust in previous years. With over 3,500 people attending last year, we have a lot to live up to this year!”

The Gala date is currently unknown. Lets hope the summer weather is as kind as it was last year! Photograph: Blantyre Summer Gala 2015


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