Niaroo New Lease of Life

South Lanarkshire Council’s Environmental Dept Countryside & Greenspace will this Springtime be visiting Blantyre to provide a new lease of life for the Niaroo area of Barnhill.

Located at the middle of the Pech Brae on the West of Blantyre is a small poorly drained field, which was a previous home to traveller folk. As part of the Froglife ( project, the aim is to introduce new species of wildlife and to make the most of underused habitats.

The existing small pond at Niaroo will be improved upon with tree removal and clearing back vegetation to open up the water and re-introduce toads or frogs. This project has been made possible due to funding provided by Froglife, South Lanarkshire Council and Biffa Award. Other local areas will benefit from the programme with new ponds scheduled for Hamilton and Calderwood.

If you’re interested in reading more, the projects main aims are:

  • ƒ  To promote ponds and the surrounding environment as vital habitats for the survival of amphibians and reptiles
  • ƒ  To create and restore standing water habitats
  • ƒ  To provide advice to community groups, schools, allotment holders, friends groups etc to increase standing water with a view to increase biodiversity
  • ƒ  To increase suitable terrestrial features for amphibians and reptiles
  • ƒ  To monitor and survey chosen sites
  • ƒ  To provide training and hands on opportunities to volunteers in practical habitat management and survey skills.


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