Dog Fouling Problem

Pamela McCrae informed us of the continued dog fouling problem in Blantyre.

She told us, “As a new mother I have been out with my pram trying to enjoy walking my babies. Every pavement in almost all of Blantyre seems to be covered in dog faeces. This is unacceptable and all dog owners who fail to comply with the law should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

This is absolutely disgusting behaviour from adults who are in possession of these animals. I should be able to enjoy walking and interacting with my babies and not be on “dog sh*t watch”. I also should not have to clean dog shit off my clothes as a result of lifting my pram in and out of my car either. Dog fouling is an offense apparently not taken very seriously in this town”

We would like to hear from readers. Are there certain hotspots in Blantyre where this problem is worse than others. Let us know, before we compile a small report to take to South Lanarkshire Council at our next meeting with them. Thanks.



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