FREE transport Victory!

Within the last hour, news has arrived of a great victory for campaigners against Council cuts to the free transport buses for local schools. This long standing issue has been fiercely objected to and today, Eddie McIvoy, Council Leader issued a press statement to all councillors, which arrived to us, shortly after.

South Lanarkshire Council have been in negotiations with the Scottish Government relaying concerns from residents about the controversial plan to bring transport into line with the Scottish Governments proposals. The plan would have meant a reduction in services and longer for children to walk to school.

There is good news for Blantyre, for the Council have now decided to reverse this decision, meaning current arrangements will stay in place and NOT fall under budget cuts. At next Wednesday’s Executive meeting, the council will move to drop the plans entirely.

The council have recognised that children cannot walk 3 miles to school, especially in bad weather and that bus services are required. South Lanarkshire Council are under pressure with budget cuts this year and next due to a reduction in funding from the Scottish Government. It is one in a long line of issues that still require discussion and resolution in the face of financial constraints.

For now though, the fact that our children can KEEP using buses to get to school, is a win for this campaign and a glorious victory for the people!

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