Blantyre Telegraph Archive

We’re proud to announce that we have commissioned a limited edition book, which will shortly be put into Blantyre Library. The Blantyre Telegraph Archive is 500 full colour pages, in hard backed cover, documenting every piece of Blantyre news we’ve reported on for the last 5 years.

Hopefully, a future historian’s dream, this massive book includes thousands of Blantyre photos and includes all some featured comments from people on this page. Every business who has ever advertised with Blantyre Telegraph features in the book and it’s set out in monthly order, making things very easy to find.

Such a book had to be bespoke and cost a whopping £79 to produce and be delivered, but we think it’s worth it. Future generations will look back at these last 5 years Blantyre Telegraph has been documenting contemporary events and will see in one place what took place in our town since 2011.

Future similar books are planned and as this is strictly a limited edition, one off production, the book will likely be a reference book when handed into the library next week.

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