March Sales Revenue


We’ve once again counted the money in local collection tins and added up the sales revenue of the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper for March sales. Rather a modest month, but appreciated all the same, with all money going to local good causes.

March 2016 sales of Blantyre Telegraph amounted to £200.22 which added to totals previously, means the grand total raised to date is a whopping £5,229.82. How amazing it is to see that total going up every month!!

The money has been paid out to 44 different local good causes in Blantyre since June 2015, which is transparent here

The March breakdown is as follows, with thanks to the following organisations and businesses:
Jinxy’s Bakery £56.32,
Blantyre Project £40.00
Advertising Revenue £36.00
Mo’s Family Shopper £35.00,
Blantyre Carrigans £11.20,
Blantyre Library £11.00,
Royal Bank of Scotland £10.70,

The newspaper can be bought from all the above organisations for just £1, with the next edition out now. Did you know, we keep some news back from this page, so the content on the newspaper is fresh and new.

We have the ability here to raise SO much more, but need your help as we’re hoping to raise awareness of the newspaper and would welcome anybody’s ideas about that. (e.g paper-rounds, other busier outlets etc) We’ll be announcing shortly how the money raised in March will be put to good, charitable causes within Blantyre.

The latest edition of the newspaper can be downloaded here:


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