Blantyre Summer Gala Update

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 19.47.04People in and around Blantyre will be thrilled to know the Blantyre Summer Gala plans are progressing well for Saturday 9th July 2016.

A spokesperson for Blantyre Community Committee (BCC) stated, “Summer Gala Update: As you can imagine with the various staff changes and things going on at the David Livingstone Centre, the logistics and planning of the Summer Gala at that particular venue has been more complicated this year. We were determined to be able to use the excellent facilities at the Centre grounds. There’s been a great deal of effort put in behind the scenes to make sure firstly all permissions are obtained. We’re pleased to say the Summer Gala WILL be going ahead this year on:

Saturday 9th July 2016 from midday until 5.00pm

and we’re working with and meeting National Trust for Scotland and the Centre staff frequently to progress things. The market WILL be back that day and we hope to open bookings for vendors at the start of June.

The Summer Colours Parade will be back too with many hundreds of people walking down to the Centre grounds beforehand AND of course all the things you expect like the fair, music, DJ, hot and cold food, the gala king and queen crowning and sports day. The beer tent will be back too and we’re working on permitting that to stay a little later. We’ll be addressing things like making sure there’s enough food outlets and parking arrangements. We’re also planning other things, which we can’t announce just yet, but if they come off, this gala will be bigger and better than even the successful day last year!

Blantyre Community Committee are dedicated and motivated in their efforts to provide a Summer Gala for ALL the family and unlike other nearby towns, we’re doing everything we can to ensure it remains free to enter. We think our Gala day brings together the entire community in their thousands and promotes our fun loving and well behaved Blantyre identity.

More will be posted next week following our next meeting. Thanks for your patience and understanding and hope you’re all as excited as we are!”

You can follow the Summer Gala plans, news, announcements and countdown at the BCC page.


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