Tae Kwon Do Champions

Blantyre School of Grandmaster Hee Il Cho`s Tae Kwon Do won 20 medals from 2 recent competitions, had a parent and student class, flew to Ireland and are getting ready for their next belt testing.

On April the 17th Cho`s Blantyre School attended the AIMAA Scottish Open Championships in Greenock which saw over 120 competitors take to floor in 3 disciplines : patterns, point stop sparring and continuous sparring. The squad of 7 took 3 Scottish titles aswell as 8 silver medals and 3 bronze medals on the day. All winners – very well done

The Club commented, “Zain Razzaq 1st in continuous, 2nd in points and 2nd in patterns, Adam Walker 1st and 2nd in two different continuous categories and 2nd in points, Josh Reid 1st in patterns, Logan McDougall 2nd in points and 3rd in continuous, Derry McGunnigal 2nd in continuous, Kian McGunnigal 2nd in continuous and 3rd in patterns and Kyle MacFarlane 2nd in points and 3rd in continuous.

The following Sunday the 24th of April, saw kids bring along their parents to class to show case what they learn while having fun. Both kids and parents took part in class and enjoyed themselves, while it gave the kids a chance to teach their parents Tae Kwon Do. It was a great afternoon to have the parents training alongside their kids at Cho`s Blantyre.

Four weeks later, saw instructors with 4 students, (Derry McGunnigal, Kian McGunnigal, Josh Reid and Kyle MacFarlane) and their parents from Cho`s Blantyre TKD school fly over to Ireland to train with AIMAA European director Master John Darcy to squeeze in extra practice and to experience one of his classes at Cho`s Tae Kwon Do School Rathwire, Dublin.

The week later Cho`s Blantyre School, took part in the AIMAA Scottish Interclub Championships at Mr Belgacems School of Cho`s TKD at Larkhall – which was a friendly competition for everyone with disciplines – patterns and point stop sparring. It helped beginner students to start competing and for intermediate and advanced students to gain more experience. The squad this time consisted of 15 students – age ranging from 4 years to 11 years.

Our youngest winner being 4 years of age and taking silver on the day was panther Jack Morgan in point sparring. Also winning medals were – Adam Walker 1st in patterns and 1st in points, Jay Dunnet 1st in points, Logan McDougall 2nd in points and Katie Gilhooley 2nd in points. Other members of the squad who took part in their first competition and received certificates were Ava Neilson, Jude Palmer, Caitlin McGunnigal, Reilley McGunnigal, Mason McLean, Josh Cameron, Sophie Crighton and Paige Crighton.
Most of the students and panthers at Cho`s Blantyre are now getting ready for their next belt testing on Sunday the 12th of June and we wish them all the very best.

For anyone interested in joining Blantyre School of Cho`s Tae Kwon Do visit www.facebook.com/blantyrechostkd or contact instructor Kirsty Gough on 07501547286.

Also feel free to pop along to any of our classes for a full month of free training. Classes are offered to panthers and students from the age of 3 and upwards.”



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