Our Donation to Blantyre Gala

Gala AccessoriesA donation of £100 worth of Gala Accessories was provided by Blantyre Telegraph this week to ensure the Gala is even more colourful.

The donation given to Gala organisers, Blantyre Community Committee bought many items to beautify and ensure the forthcoming gala day has an added hint of added colour and fun. We provided hundreds of Balloons, Balloon holders, a hundred metres of coloured bunting, flags, marker pens, cellotape, paper, laminated pouches, binbags, coloured tablecloths for the market, plastic marker tags for market pitches and rainproof ponchos.

Blantyre Gala Day takes place on Saturday 9th July 2016 at 11am until 8pm. Entry is FREE at David Livingstone Centre grounds. Parking restrictions apply and visitors are urged to walk or get a taxi.


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