Local Businesses – Stay Alert

ws383_shoplifters_will_be_prosecuted_warning_signDuring the last week, we’ve been sent a couple of messages from local business owners in Blantyre saying they’ve been targeted by shoplifters and in one instance more seriously as robbers.

Whilst not wishing to cause small businesses any alarm, it would currently be appropriate for business owners to be vigilant and stay alert on these darker evenings, reviewing their security arrangements, especially upon closing time, until these people are caught.

Businesses in Glasgow Road and in Stonefield have had items stolen last Friday, last Tues and today. In each case, the police were called. One store owner gave chase to the thieves and was able to describe them.

They are a male and female duo approx 25-30. The female in one instance with white body warmer and glasses, male 5’6” tight dark cropped hair and these thefts have been happening around close of business at cashing up time.

This follows on the same day where local alerts about fake £50 notes have surfaced.


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