Priory Plantation Community Group

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-16-32-51A brand new Community group has been set up in Low Blantyre.

Blantyre Priory Plantation Community Woodland Group is looking for people to come along to their group and get involved.

Nicholas Cowan has got in touch saying, “If you’re interested in improving the outdoor wooded areas of Blantyre then please get in touch. The Plantation is owned by South Lanarkshire Council and has been left to grow wild for many years.”

The BPP Community Woodland Group is currently in discussions with South Lanarkshire Council about the group’s proposed development of the site for local people to safely use for a range of outdoor activities. At the moment the area is used only by the most adventurous of dog walkers and we want to change this by creating a community owned and managed woodland that is a haven for visitors and wildlife.

Friends of the Calder group are doing something similar at High Blantyre, so knowing there is a dedicated group now at Low Blantyre with similar dedication and effort comes as welcome news for everybody in Blantyre. We hope people will get behind the new group and hope particularly the adjacent residents of Priory Bridge and Coatshill will be especially interested.

You can contact Nicholas by email


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