Fundraising: Remembering Conor Morgan

conorBlantyre residents and kind hearted people from far beyond the town have dug deep and raised an incredible £709 during May 2017 remembering driver Conor Morgan.

Conor Morgan (45) tragically lost his life in an accident in a High Blantyre construction site in April 2017, devastating family, shocking colleagues and touching the lives of many people in this community.

Blantyre Telegraph set out initially to raise £250 to buy a small gift for each of Conor’s 3 children and to make a donation to the Light House Club, a charity which remembers families of victims of construction accidents. We asked people to donate just £1 to the cause, but were completely inundated with most generous donations totalling a whopping £709. The campaign even made National Irish news.

Regen (Conor’s employer) contacted us during fundraising to thank us and state that Shirleen (Conor’s wife) expressly wished the monies raised to be sent to the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust as they had been extremely helpful and supportive in getting his PM moved to an earlier date and in getting Conor home to his family sooner than they had been previously expected.

Our fundraising campaign ended today, and incredibly it means in mid June, Blantyre Telegraph will be presenting £355 to the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust and £354 to Light House.

Added to our running fundraising total, it means Blantyre Telegraph has now raised £13,146.43 for 71 different local charities and good causes. Our June fundraiser will be announced shortly.

We’d like to thank all the kind people who donated something and showed Conor’s family just how much Blantyre was touched by this terrible accident.


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