Blantyre woman at Grenfell

For the last fortnight, we’ve all been shocked by the horrific London tragedy at Grenfell Tower were so many people lost their lives. It was difficult to switch off the TV as events unfolded.

For one Blantyre lady though, the TV was not enough. When she woke that morning and saw that fire she knew straight away that she wanted to do something to help. As events unfolded Blantyre’s Jo Kelly decided she wanted to be directly involved, there , right at the heart of that wounded community.

Time to Act

Jo told Blantyre Telegraph, “I knew there would be a mass of fatalities. The pain I felt for complete strangers was unbelievable. As it drew into another day and the reports of people receiving insufficient support, I felt I needed to do something. I posted on Facebook that i was going to load my car and drive down and asked my friends if anyone wanted to join me.

I received numerous messages from friends wishing to donate items for me to take down. I got a call from my friend Kathy on Friday as she had felt the same watching the news. We decided to go early Saturday morning and set off at 5am with a car full of donated clothes, toiletries, pillows and duvets.”

With donations pouring in from all over the country and fundraising officially set up for the victims, Jo noticed a particular organisation that needed urgent help. An organisation for children in that tower.

Grenfell Tower Nursery

Grenfell Tower Nursery School was located on the first floor but destroyed in the fire and so children and infants who survived did not have a nursery placement/facility. However, a plan is underway to change that. An official collection page for donations has been set up to create a pop up nursery for as long as needed and for the storage unit needed to store their supplies. The nursery/creche will be used by approximately 18 children between 18 months old and 3 years old.

Jo added, “the community spirit and love shown while down there was tremendous. There were people donating, preparing and handing out food for EVERYONE and due to the weather, there were a few poeple walking about with crates of water just handing them out to everyone to ensure everyone was kept well hydrated in the heat. Not one thing was asked to be paid for. The Nursery is an urgent, important cause. Donations can be sent to this very worthwhile cause here”

Thank you to Jo and Kathy for their heartwarming story. Pictured are the photos Jo captured whilst on her London visit.


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