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booksFor the last couple of weekends, our “sister website” Blantyre Project, who manages Blantyre’s History Archives has been selling history books at various summer fetes and galas in Blantyre.

We’re pleased to announce that between 10th June – 24th June 2017, a total of £310 was raised, after costs of the books themselves, which entirely has gone back into the community! Blantyre Project / Blantyre Telegraph retains nothing. (The minor exception to this was £39 to renew domain and hosting requirements to ensure continuation in 2017/2018. All donations we make are in a transparent, visible manner and can be found at

Keeping the donation to the benefit of the people IN Blantyre, many books were able to be bought and donated as gifts to:

Kirkton Care,
Kirk Care Home,
Calderglen Care Home,
Bonnie Blantyre (as a future Prize).
In addition, last Thursday evening, Blantyre books were handed into all three medical practices for putting out in their reception areas, including the latest pictorial book, “Blantyre Images”, the first such a book has been released to the Blantyre public since the 1990s.

On Friday there, copies of a full set of Blantyre Project history books were also handed into Blantyre Library too, where the public can rent out these detailed books at their leisure. This progresses the Blantyre Project aim to get accurate Blantyre history out to the masses, using uniquely researched content involving the input and recollections from thousands of local people. Hopefully it will bring some joy, recollection and knowledge and of course means in many instances, its freely available to the wider public.

This latest donation means that Blantyre Telegraph has now raised a whopping £13,580 for 73 Blantyre good causes and charities since it started fundraising in 2015.

Thank you to all the very kind, wonderful people who bought a book in recent weeks. We now look to our next fundraising venture…….


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