Greenhall Tree Felling – open day

An open day and evening is underway at Greenhall Park, today Thursday 10th August 2017.

Until 6pm, countryside rangers and council officials will be there to answer any questions you may have about the forthcoming treefelling works, which takes place from this Monday.

Greenhall Park will be closed from Monday 14th August whilst the works take place, with felling, removal and extraction of the trees in the woodland. This is being done for safety and to let native species flourish instead. It is done with blessing of environmental groups, on the basis that it paves the way for improvement.

Money raised from the timber, will entirely go into upgrading Greenhall and the Calder’s Nature trails as well as other localised improvements for walkers. There’s no doubt that the area will look substantially different in 6 weeks time when work is expected to be completed. It may take a year or two for the area to ‘repair’ itself aesthetically. However, it is for a greater, long term good of the community.

If you miss the Park visit today, drop by the Priestfield Hall tonight between 6.30pm and 8.30pm for further updates.


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