Toy Drive Success

The Blantyre Toy Drive ended today and wow! What a success!

For the last month, kind hearted Blantyre residents have been donating toys into Glen Travel and today we picked up two HUGE boxes of toys for Santa to give out at this Sunday’s Christmas Event at David Livingstone Centre.

In addition, our fundraising resulted in a further £500 in donations, from some very generous Blantyre organisations and individuals. This goes a MASSIVE way towards making all the children who visit Santa, very, very happy. We headed off this evening on Black Friday to see what quality toys we could buy.

Have a look at the short video at just some of the AMAZING toys bought already and with enough leftover to decorate a very beautiful Grotto.

Thank you sincerely to our partners in this campaign, Glen Travel for all their efforts and for everybody who donated. A special thanks go to anonymous indivudals who made a very decent donation and also to Gavin Watson Printers for their donation and all their support.

These toys will be given out by Santa this Sunday at the Blantyre Festive Event at David Livingstone Centre. The grotto will be in Shuttle Row, in the dry and warm. Kids will have crafts whilst waiting in the queue. Entry to see Santa will cost a meagre £2 or so, but of course each child will get a quality toy of much more value, subsidised by this campaign. Toys have now been handed over to Blantyre Community Committee in advance. Thank you to everybody who took part.

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