ASDA Blantyre – Multi Million Pound Facelift

IMG_3357Planning was lodged this week with South Lanarkshire Council for the proposed multi million pound facelift of ASDA Blantyre’s store and Glasgow Road frontage at Clydeview Shopping Centre.

With the entire demolition of the east side of Clydeview Shopping Centre proposed and rebuilding of 3 large state of the art retail units, the complex aims to attract many new retailers and finally resolve the problem of vacant units at this location.

The plans are ambitious and certainly look to be promising! We should all be aware that the existing western side of Clydeview Shopping Centre will be untouched, the existing remaining shops on the east to be relocated to the west. The new proposals have several existing new key features:

  • Demolition of the entire Eastern existing side of Clydeview Shopping Centre.
  • Demolition of the existing brick unused planters.
  • The 3 brand new units will form separate complexes and ability to walk around each of them, forming small shopping centres. Shops will not only face on to Glasgow Road, but also inwards towards the car park and indeed in between with large functional areas of hard landscaping. Usage has been suggested as hot and cold food and drink takeaways, other shops, a mix of service and professional office space.
  • The Petrol Station will see a welcome return to manned kiosk and small sales outlet with improved access in and out.
  • External improvements to the ASDA entrance and store.
  • Introduction of ‘click and collect’ lockers for people ordering shopping in advance.
  • Car Park alterations including new improved facilities for taxis.
  • More accesible spaces for disabled, child and parent cars.
  • Grassed landscaping wherever possible.

Alan Jones, Asda’s communication officer said, “Our proposals represent a multi million pound investment into Blantyre and will help enhance the vitality and visibility of the Centre. “

It is understood, these development proposals were brought forward after intervention by the people of Blantyre themselves. A petition started by local lady Amanda Dawson in 2016 attracted the attention of ASDA, something that others have been unable to do in recent decades.  The petition was then escalated to Blantyre Community Council, who have been meeting monthly also have been working closely on this item with the renovation firmly on their agenda and progress.

The dated shops, constructed opened in 1981 and in recent years have only had an average occupancy of around 38%. In recent years, a lack of interest in the units has forced ASDA to rethink their property and how it gets let, resulting in this grand proposal.

Have your say. Do you have any concerns? Who’s looking forward to this part of Glasgow Road having some life about it again? What would you like to see at the new units, which appear to be capable of being subdivided into many smaller shops?



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