School Patrol Officer Retires

Tomorrow, Friday 22nd December 2017, is the last day of work for local ‘lollipop man’, TOM STEWART, who retires after providing 19 years of continuous service.

Tom, of Iona Path has been stationed at the High Blantyre Primary School Crossing near the entrance to Glenfruin Road for almost 2 decades, keeping children safe on that busy road.

Local residents joined us this morning in wishing Tom all the best on his imminent retirement, with 2 local ladies being accosted for our photographs. Tom told us, “It’s absolutely flown past, 19 years in the blink of an eye.” Tom also hinted he’s looking forward to being out of the cold and has enjoyed his time at work.

Proud daughter Roberta added, “He’s very sad to be stepping down but feels that at his age it’s about time he puts his feet up and relax.”

To mark the occasion, as schools break up for 2017, High Blantyre Primary School is holding a small thank you ceremony tomorrow at 2pm on Tom’s final day at work.

Meantime, congratulations on your retirement Tom and thank you for all your work, through all weather! Blantyre Telegraph today dropped off a gift worth £40, to say thanks on behalf of all of our readers.

Photos: Blantyre Telegraph

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